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KGS Jewels, Inc, was established in 1998 predominantly as diamond traders with little resources used in diamond cutting and polishing. The business remains family-run since its inception, with brothers and partners having global reach along the supply chain across the major diamond and Jewelry centers including Surat, Mumbai, Hong Kong, New York, Antwerp and Dubai.

To date, our favorite statistic is having over 5,000 employees worldwide that share our passion in various steps along the supply chain, which are: ethical rough diamonds sourcing, optimal manufacturing, polished diamonds distribution, and jewelry crafting and distribution.

Our environmentally friendly efforts while designing our current Surat factory in 2005 made us the first in the industry to achieve a Platinum Rating Award from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) in July, 2014.


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Rough Diamonds

Shortly after beginning to manufacture diamonds, KGS began to appreciate the art of sourcing rough diamonds. We strive to have consistent volume of supply to run the factory, although maintain a zero tolerance on conflict diamonds, strictly adhering to the Kimberly Process guideline.


We are the industry’s leaders, having refined the innovative art of cutting and polishing. We pride ourselves on our far-reaching capabilities all underpinned by demand-led manufacturing and continuous process innovation. KGS has received numerous efficiency awards for its operational excellence.

Diamond Cuts : Why Weight Must Be Sacrificed for Brilliance

The beauty of a diamond's sparkle is the result of how well it has been cut. The aspects of cut that contribute most to a diamond's beauty are proportion, symmetry and polish. Although nature determines the characteristics of a piece of diamond rough, the hands of the master cutter release its fire and brilliance. When a diamond is cut to exacting proportions—neither too deep nor too shallow—light will reflect inside the stone from one mirror-like facet to another and reappear to the eye in a flash of spectral colors. Harry Winston diamonds are cut and polished to maximize their beauty—even though such a strict standard requires sacrificing much more of a rough diamond's weight.

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